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The Original Bed Claw®

Bed Claw® has always made the most sought after parts and accessories for beds to the trade, and now, through select merchants these bed parts are made available to the public.



The Bed Claw® family of products are available through furniture and hospitality merchants/providers that ship most everywhere and can provide customer support.

Please try these merchant websites:,,,,,, or

Go to and for Canadian or overseas orders.


Fix Your Stuff

Now, more than ever, it is important to fix or augment your bed or furniture. No need to waste space in a landfill somewhere.

Stop, think- why spend money on a completely new bed? Think green-- don't throw away a good piece of furniture and don't spend thousands of dollars on its replacement.

Fix your stuff and keep the green with original Bed Claw® parts or repair pieces. Spend a little and save a lot.


Best Selling Bed Parts

Parts With Proven Performance

We've have been providing these best selling and sought after parts for many years to manufacturers, hotels, craftsmen, hobbyists, wood-workers, furniture repairmen and homeowners.

The following is a quick outline of the six specialized products we currently have available:

  1. The Original Bed Claw® Hook Plates are O.E.M. standard and available to retrofit your wood rails or to install on rails you are building. Click here.
  2. The Bed Claw® Bedloks are for your headboard and footboard and are used with the Hook Plates to put together a wood bed and hold your side rails. Click here.
  3. The Bed Claw® Modi-Plates Plates are used for specialized needs or to allow for adapting your bed frame to a different sized headboard. Click here.
  4. The Bed Claw® Footboard Adapter kit includes extension rails and everything you'll need to attach a bolt-on type footboard to a bed frame that does not have one. Click here.
  5. The Bed Claw® Machine Recessed Bed Fittings are made for connecting wood side rails to the headboard and footboard. Click here.
  6. The Heavy Duty Bed Claw® Bed Brackets are used to support a box spring in situations where extra strength is required or for antique beds that have similar requirements. Click here.
  7. The Bed Claw® Elite 7" tall heavy duty wood bed side rails are manufactured to exceed original O.E.M. rails supplied with your bed.  These are ideal replacements for missing or damaged rails and you receive lifetime warranty when purchased with a heavy duty mattress center support. Click here.

Click on any of the pictures on the left or underlined links for details pictures and additional specifications. More Bed Claw parts are being planned or added, please ask if you are in need of something specific.

The parts you need are at your fingertips, please call 1-800-888-6121 or click here for customer support forum regarding questions, problems or requests.

All The Bed Claw® products are available at quantity discounts and we can ship most anywhere using Ground, Freight or Air services. 

Please call 1-877-324-9202 for quantity pricing and let us know of your requirements.